24th April


Registration 8:30 - 9:00 am

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9am - 12pm

Toughen Up : a science based approach to building resilience

When looking at all the stories that have been celebrated over time; they all share a common trait: 
Success is preceded by struggle.

*Overcoming the odds.
*Staring defeat in the face.
*Rising to the challenge.

These are all seen as admirable qualities; yet for some reason (in spite of this fact) we tend to try and hide our shortcomings, our fears and doubts. We seek comfort rather than opt for courage.

The truth is this. Life is an journey; an enormously fulfilling experience when we can accept all of our reality, not just the good parts.

In this workshop Darren Hill will explore the behavioural patterns of true resilience - how you can navigate tough times and find success. Throughout this session you will explore concepts such as:

Identity: getting to work on your sense of self 

Pressure: how to turn it up or back it off when required

Progress: unlocking our most powerful motivator 

Connection: building trust amongst our circle of influence

Based on science, you will be given practical tools to apply in your life, business and family to aid you against the inevitable challenges that you face in our fast-paced world.


2pm - 5pm

Developing greater mental toughness : Don't give up on your dreams

The reason that people give up on their dreams or don't achieve their potential is when things get hard or challenging the negative thoughts inside their head convince them to shy away from struggle and retreat to safety. This is simply a lack of mental toughness to stay focused on development and sit with discomfort.

Psychology has made incredible discoveries around how we handle our negative thoughts. We now know that when under the pressure of negative thoughts the worst thing we can do is think positive or try to fight our negative thoughts. Instead we need to accept our thoughts without judgement and focus on the behavior required to get the best outcome.

In this workshop you will learn how to increase your mental toughness to achieve more in your life, whether it is be more successful at work, improve your health, have better relationships with your friends and family or even climb a mountain. 





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