23rd April 


Registration 8:30 - 9:45 am
Conference 10 am - 4pm

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The Edge Effect : how to thrive in a relentless change environment

Our world is getting faster, busier and more demanding and the struggle for time is real.

So how do we take this increasing pressure and make it work for us, rather than against it? How can we move past coping with a change environment to thriving within it?

The question is complex, but the answer is decidedly simple. And it’s right in front of us.

Change is the most natural thing in the world and —through science— we can learn the methods that successful species use in our natural world and apply them to our personal and professional lives.

In this seminar, Behavioural Scientist Darren Hill will share three critical patterns of success that are exhibited by all successful species navigating change; Explore, Adapt and Specialise.


Making struggle work for you : Getting in the high performance zone

Too often people see struggle as a sign of weakness or a sign that we should give up

However the research of Dr Adam Fraser has shown that humans feel most alive when we are struggling with a challenging goal. In other words the only time we improve and get better is when we are struggling with something hard. 

 In this entertaining, fascinating and though provoking presentation Dr Adam Fraser will share with you the latest psychological research on how we embrace struggle and use it for personal growth.

 You will learn that struggle is not only good for you, good for you family but also good for the country of Kuwait.




Live Arabic translation available
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