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To many of us, struggle is a word with many negative implications. It represents limitations, fears, difficulties - struggle is tough. But we forget that difficulties make us stronger, challenges make challengers, limitations make discoveries, fear makes courage and Tough Makes Tough.

Through a positive perspective, struggle – is just another opportunity to grow, learn and discover. Remember we define our own terms, if we appreciate struggle with a positive attitude, we can embrace it and learn from it.

Learn to love your struggle with us.

After two hugely successful conferences affecting over a 1000 lives across the Gulf, Alnowair is back with Think Work Live Positive. This year the GCC’s biggest conference on positivity will dive deep into the possibilities, the benefits and the true meaning of struggle.

 Some of the worlds brightest minds and hearts from the field of positive psychology such as Darren Hill, Dr. Adam Fraser and a guest panel will come together to show you that struggle is good.

Come be part of this melting pot of like minded positive people; where you will learn to cope, adapt and benefit to and from struggle. 



Meet The Speakers


Dr. Adam Fraser: is a human performance researcher and consultant who studies how organisations adopt a high performance culture to thrive. His keynotes have improved the performance behaviour of attendees by 41% according to university studies
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Darren Hill: is a behavioural scientist, whose work has appeared regularly across the Fairfax Group, News Limited, Business Insider and Smart Company. He now writes exclusively for BRW, and has appeared on The Today Show and Sky Business News. 
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Your catapult to success

Realize ways to use struggle as a catapult to success with Dr. Adam Fraser’s workshop.
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Find success on the brink of uncertainty

Learn to toughen up in the face of change and achieve enormous success with world renowned strategist and behavioral scientist Darren Hill.
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Adversity with Positivity

Discover rituals and habits to overcome life’s challenges through a positive attitude. Gather courage from the inspirational true stories.
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Understand Change

Learn tools and techniques to embrace change and use it to help you learn, grow and succeed in Darren Hill’s workshop on how to build a bulletproof culture in the face of unrelenting change.
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Overcome everyday struggles

Become aware of your emotional triggers and reactions to everyday struggles and learn different approaches towards overcoming them daily with Dr. Adam Fraser, an international expert and researcher on human performance. 
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Struggle - the motivator

Understand human behavior and how it can help one function better in a business environment at Dr. Adam Fraser’s seminar. 
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Live Arabic translation available

يوجد ترجمة فورية للمؤتمر